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What are the design principles of the storage bins?

DATE:2019-11-15Release:storage bins

The design of the parts box structure is based on the actual conditions of packaging and production, and the design of the outer shape of the parts box and the internal accessories are based on scientific principles. The parts box must be designed with sufficient strength, hardness and resistance to other environments. From the point of view of packaging, the following two aspects must be considered: one is to protect the primary function of the product, and the other is to meet the important characteristics of modern packaging, such as transportation and processing characteristics.
Qualified parts box products start with the right structural design. Designers must not only truly understand the customer's intentions, but also be familiar with the post-processing process. Only in this way can the customer's intention be converted into a qualified product and the subsequent processing can be carried out smoothly. Before the design begins, the designer must understand the nature, shape, size, weight of the contents, the arrangement of the contents, the transportation method, the stacking method, the storage environment of the contents, the transportation route and time, and the box type and materials. information.
The design of the domestic parts box has some problems in terms of technology and guiding ideology, and lacks systematic analysis, so that the designed packaging can not meet the requirements of ergonomics and technical economic rationality.

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