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Factory Equipment

Injection molding production equipment ensures the efficiency of processing and production

Number Equipment (tonnage) Quantity (unit) Weight (g) Distance between
pull rods (mm)
Minimum & maximum
film thickness (mm)
1 80T 2 120g 352*352 140-360
2 128T 1 180g 410*410 150-430
3 150T 1 280g 460*460 180-500
4 168T 1 290g 455*455 180-500
5 240T 1 500g 560*520 220-530
6 258T 1 630g 575*575 220-580
7 400T 1 1300g 720*720 250-720
8 500T 1 1788g 820*800 330-810
9 588T 1 2600g 855*820 350-870
10 730T 1 2901g 950*950 400-960
11 780T 1 3600g 980*980 400-980
12 1200T 1 5242g 1220*1100 450-1200
Team and R & D capabilities

We have a professional R & D team engaged in plastic product R & D and manufacturing for many years, which can provide users with professional and humanized customized services to meet customers' personalized requirements for the shape and size of plastic products.

Quality Assurance

More than 30 fine processes, products have passed the quality system certification

Ruohen has a well-known design, R & D and production team, constantly acting as a substitute for the supervision of product R & D quality to ensure the quality of each product.

Our project covers a wide range of applications, witnessed by well-known customers

Turnover containers
production process

·Refinement process

·Strictly control the quality

Full OEM service

Product design

Providing prototype production


Mold design

Logo printing

Injection mold maintenance

Die bulging with guaranteed service life


OEM products...

Full OEM service

We are committed to the design and production of plastic products to meet the needs of various industries.

Such as food processing, industrial equipment, textile industry, tobacco, alcohol and beverage industry, electronic industry, manufacturing industry, etc.

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tool storage bins

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