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Why does the plastic pallets fade?

DATE:2019-11-15Release:plastic pallets

Many customers will encounter the problem of fading when using plastic pallets, and they will start to worry about the quality of plastic pallets. What is the cause of this? Here are the reasons for the specific analysis of the plastic pallet manufacturers:
1. Sun exposure: All plastic products are often exposed to the sun during use, which will accelerate the aging of the plastic and cause fading, including plastic trays.
Second, the toner: plastic tray products are mainly made of polyethylene and polypropylene, acid and alkali resistance, mainly related to the acid and alkali resistance, oxidation and reduction of the toner used.
Third, the dye: the stability of the dye used in the production of plastic products will affect the degree of fading of the product. The main raw materials for plastic pallet production are: HDPP and HDPE, and the injection temperature is required to be above 280 °C, so the high temperature resistance of the dye must be considered when selecting the colorant.
Fourth, the quality: If the plastic tray itself adds too much debris, coupled with frequent use, it is easy to cause damage to the plastic tray, causing fading.
It can be seen that the reason for the fading of the plastic tray is not a single aspect. In addition to the self-use, it is also related to the material used by the plastic tray itself. Therefore, the plastic tray manufacturer recommends that the customer purchase it with a large manufacturer, quality and after-sales. Guaranteed.

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