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Formula design of wire storage bins

DATE:2020-12-04Release:wire storage bins

Wire storage bins should be designed to meet the use and durability principles. This is a matter of course, the proportion of each component should be appropriate, and the fastness should not be damaged. It should be able to produce products with good toughness, high strength and high bearing capacity.

The formulation should also consider all aspects of the process, such as the forming process of the wire storage bins and the post-processing of the products. For example, in the stripping process, if the lubricant in the formula is added too little, it will cause the demoulding difficulty and make its surface not so smooth. A certain amount of lubricant also helps to increase the fluidity of the melt in the mold. However, you can't add too much. If you add too much, the performance of other aspects of the box may be affected.

In the formulation design, it is necessary to make clear the use of environmental conditions, performance requirements, in order to select the appropriate resin. For example, the use of relatively low ambient temperature, the selection of HDPE resin. Improper resin can not produce products that meet the actual needs, which is the first thing to understand when designing the formula.

The components and functions of additives should be brought into full play in the design. This is the central task of the formula. We carefully design the formula to make the wire storage bins from the production department meet certain requirements.

The principle of reducing cost as much as possible. It is easy to understand that any business losing money will not be done. In addition to performance consideration, the source cost of raw materials should also be taken into consideration. In the same situation, we should choose raw materials with wide sources, high output and low price, which is economical and cost-effective.

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