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Management system of wall storage bins

DATE:2020-12-25Release:wall storage bins

  The purpose of the system management system is to make more effective use of the wall storage bins, prevent premature aging damage and loss due to improper management and use, so as to timely use it when necessary, and effectively control and manage it.

  First of all, it is suggested that the rights and responsibilities of wall storage bins management should be clear. A comprehensive department can be set up to be responsible for centralized management, registration, transfer and recovery. When registering, it is necessary to make clear where the boxes are going, which department they are transferred to, how much they are recycled, and how many they are not used. These should be recorded in detail, and the spare wall storage bins should be properly kept. It is strictly forbidden to be directly exposed to the sun. If possible, they should be placed in a cool place. The production department is responsible for the supervision and management of the usage, the usage status and the usage quantity. If there is any damage, the statistics shall be made, and the statistics shall be submitted together with the comprehensive department.

  Secondly, each department should make the statistical work as detailed and accurate as possible. The comprehensive department should summarize the data and use it as the basis for dispatching. All departments should cooperate well, and the department head should carry out unified supervision to put the management system in place. If conditions permit, a database shall be established, and the data maintenance of wall storage bins counted in the database shall be carried out by the comprehensive department. The spare wall storage bins should be checked regularly. If any damage is found, the statistics should be done in time. If it is not enough, it should be reported to the purchasing department for purchasing as soon as possible. The purchasing department sends the newly purchased wall storage bins to the comprehensive department in time, and counts the quantity.

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