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Features of storage bins

DATE:2019-12-13Release:storage bins

  The storage bins is a container made of plastic, which is specially used to store and manage various parts and small tools. The storage bins is more convenient for management when it is used. In the storage bins, there are two types commonly used, one is the group vertical storage bins, the other is the back hanging storage bins; these two storage bins also have different characteristics in use.

  The back hanging type storage bins has good mechanical strength, light weight and long service life; the back hanging type storage bins is generally used in combination with light shelves and lockers, and can also be used in combination with the material sorting rack, worktable with hanging plate and other working position instruments, with various use methods.

  The modular storage bins can be added up, down, left and right at will or replaced. It is flexible and convenient to use, and can form different use spaces according to the needs of users.

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