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Storage bins precautions

DATE:2019-11-09Release:storage bins

1. When the parts box is not used, it should be flatly stacked. It must be placed flat. If it is not flat, it will not be bent for half a month. It is very difficult to make it straight up.

2. Under normal circumstances, it is okay to put the parts box outside for half a month. The winter sun is not very strong. It is fine when it is sun-baked. However, if it is in the north, it is best not to put it outside because of the temperature outside. Too low will speed up the aging process and reduce its use time.

3, when storing, pay attention to the size of the pile separately, the use of the two.

4, when the parts box is stacked, it is best to lie flat and lying there, because it is easy to slip and damage, and it will not appear such a problem when lying flat.

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storage bins precautions

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