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Storage bins should be more demanding

DATE:2019-11-05Release:storage bins

In order to improve sales performance, some parts of the parts box will pay attention to the production efficiency and price, in order to achieve a breakthrough in the volume of the parts box. They believe that the low-end and mid-range parts box products can quickly withdraw funds, and the market demand is large and the sales speed is fast.

In fact, this simple method of weighing is not scientific, and it cannot fundamentally improve the grade and strength of the parts box enterprise. An industry insider said that the extensive production mode will directly cause large resource consumption, the quality of the parts box products is difficult to guarantee, and the actual economic benefits are also very low.

At the same time, the model of the parts box is also prone to cause high pollution and large energy consumption, resulting in serious damage to the ecological environment. This production model, which is not worth the loss, limits the development of the parts box enterprise and pushes it into an embarrassing situation.

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storage bins demanding

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