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Production technology of shallow storage bins

DATE:2021-01-29Release:shallow storage bins

  Shallow storage bins is one of the storage bins, its advantages are acid and alkali resistance and oil resistance, but also non-toxic and tasteless. If it is made of food grade materials, it can be used to hold food. Therefore, there is no specific answer to this question, because it depends on the materials used in the storage bins.

  Shallow storage bins in the raw materials, generally PP or PE materials. In the production process, injection molding method is mainly used, so in the production equipment and tools, mold and injection molding machine are essential. Moreover, if mass production is adopted, it can also save costs and reduce costs.

  Under normal circumstances, the shallow storage bins can be stacked 2 to 3 layers. However, it depends on what goods are loaded and how the load-bearing capacity of the box is. As for the shallow storage bins with a cover, can play a protective role, used to protect the goods.

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shallow storage bins

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