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Selection of soft hardness of rustic storage bins

DATE:2021-03-26Release:rustic storage bins

  Some rustic storage bins are hard and some are soft. There are many reasons for the difference between hard and soft rustic storage bins. Not always say hard good, soft good, and the specific score is also good.

  The main reason that affects the hardness of the box is the material used. Generally speaking, we consider two cases, because the effects of different materials are completely different. There are two common materials, polypropylene and polyethylene.

  Polyethylene is one of the commonly used materials in the production of rustic storage bins, which has good flexibility. Therefore, the materials made of polyethylene are not too hard, but should have certain flexibility. If the shape of the rustic storage bins is particularly hard, you can't buy it, because it is the performance of plastic aging. The more difficult it is to become brittle, the easier it is to damage. On the contrary, polypropylene rustic storage bins has good high temperature resistance. Polypropylene doesn't soften. If it is a rustic storage bins made of soft polypropylene, the material it uses should not be pure polypropylene, but a mixture of other materials.

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