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Main classification of containers

DATE:2019-12-06Release:purchase storage containers

  Among the many products of this website, container is a main product, because it is widely used in logistics, can be used in transportation, distribution, storage and circulation processing, and is a injection molding. There are many kinds of containers.

  1. Common stackable type, its use is very common, and whether there is a matching box cover can be selected as needed. Therefore, for multiple, it can be stacked flexibly and is not affected by the box cover.

  2. Oblique insertion type, its advantage is that it can reduce the occupied space area and the logistics turnover cost. When the box cover is selected, the matching concave and outward turning type can be selected. However, it should be noted that when multiple boxes are stacked, the box cover can only be realized by matching.

  3. The folding type and the container combine the advantages of the standard type and the inclined type. Therefore, it is possible to stack the empty containers without using accessories, so as to improve the space utilization rate and reduce the cost.

  4. The foldable type has the same characteristics as the nested type, and has various specifications and shapes. Users can choose the right one according to their needs to achieve good use effect.

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