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Application and benefits of open front storage bins

DATE:2021-08-06Release:open front storage bins

  The open front storage bins is suitable for chemical, petrochemical, food, aquatic products, feed, clothing, shoe making, electronics, electrical appliances, ports, docks, catering, biomedicine, mechanical hardware, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, three-dimensional storage, logistics transportation, warehouse handling, storage shelves, automobile accessories, beer and beverage, textile printing and dyeing of electronic appliances, printing and packaging Logistics center and other industries.

  The main advantages of the open front storage bins are: convenient operation, long service life, and recyclable; Facilitate the operation of forklift, hydraulic pallet truck and other handling tools; It is suitable for all kinds of truck transportation to facilitate the centralized and unitized transportation of materials; Cooperate with anti-skid rubber to ensure that materials will not slip during handling and transportation; It is not only suitable for stacking each other in the warehouse, but also suitable for use on all kinds of shelves.

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open front storage bins

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