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Container management plan


Before we manage the totes, we need to do a calculation. Calculate how many boxes are needed on a complete chain in order to guarantee supply. The formula should look like this: "Total input = supplier inventory + goods in transit + company inventory (safe inventory + normal use) + empty container return in transit quantity". Both parties must endorse this calculation to ensure that there are enough totes available.

Then we can start to develop a plan: 1. Make sure the tote box meets the packaging specifications. 2. Determine that the property belongs to the supplier and the factory is only responsible for the custody. 3. Confirm the receiving method of the tote, you can attach a delivery note with the tote, or mark it on the delivery note. The two parties will sign and confirm each time the goods are received. 4. Confirm the method of issuing the tote. Usually after the supplier has finished delivery, take the empty box. The factory provides receipt documents. 5. Confirm the establishment of the ledger and the time node and reconciliation method of the reconciliation. 6. Confirm the responsibility of the factory for the storage of the supplier's totes stored at the factory site. Including whether there is a limit on the number. 7. Confirm the supplier's responsibility for the totes stored at the factory site, including how to cooperate with the site management of the plant. 8. Determine how the tote is damaged or does not meet the packaging specifications, including responsibility identification, handover, and quantity replenishment. 9. Determine the corresponding inventory process, including time nodes, inventory methods, difference confirmation, processing methods, and so on. 10. Confirm the loss of the balance box - if lost - the responsibility and compensation method after the occurrence. 11. Confirm the contact details of the responsible person.

Regarding the supplier's turnover box, it is recommended to be a customer or a snack. Now everyone's profits are getting thinner and thinner, so don't let the supplier still suffer losses because of the turnover box.

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