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What are the advantages of the folding container?


Folding turnover box is widely used in electronics, medicine, automobile, home appliance, light industry, food and other industries. It can resist acid and alkali, oil and dirt, and is non-toxic and tasteless. It can be used for electronic components, electronic instruments and power meters. Easy to clean, easy to turn parts, neatly stacked, easy to manage. Its reasonable design and excellent quality are suitable for transportation, distribution, storage, distribution and processing in the factory logistics. Folding turnover box can be used with a variety of logistics containers and station devices, for a variety of warehouses, production sites and other occasions, in the modern management of logistics management is increasingly valued by the majority of enterprises, folding turnover boxes to help complete electronic equipment The universalization and integrated management of power metering for product turnover and storage is a necessity for modern production management of production and distribution enterprises.

Folding turnover boxes continue to develop with the development of the logistics industry, and the use of turnover boxes effectively reduces the cost of logistics. Moreover, the use of folding turnover boxes saves resources and protects the ecological environment.

The folding turnover box has stronger bearing capacity than the ordinary turnover box, and has a stacking tripod for good anti-slip performance. When not in use, the foldable storage box can be folded and stored to save space, increase the production area and compress the storage area, thereby promoting the efficiency of the factory and improving the flexibility of the factory warehouse. However, the folding turnover box can only be stored indoors, avoiding the outdoor sun and rain affecting the service life of the turnover box.

Folding type of weekly packing boxes are various and easy to use. Due to the convenience of folding and folding turnover boxes, it can achieve a larger volume than ordinary turnover boxes, and it is better in impact resistance than ordinary turnover boxes. The use of the totes can promote the development of logistics to some extent and improve the efficiency of logistics and transportation.

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