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What are the factors affecting the price of plastic containers?

DATE:2019-11-05Release:plastic containers

The deciding factors affecting the price of plastic crates are as follows:

1. Plastic turnover box material: commonly used polyethylene (chemical name: HDPE) and polypropylene (chemical name: PP). Rebirth materials are also divided into: first-class heavy raw materials, secondary heavy raw materials, and the price is not tolerable. The prices of these two raw materials vary, and the price difference will be greater at certain times (as the price of overseas oil changes).

2, the raw materials of the plastic turnover box: can be divided into new materials (generally called raw materials) and heavy raw materials (generally known as clinker), the new material in terms of performance is higher than the heavy raw material, the price is obviously more expensive than ordinary materials. In order to maintain survival, the small-scale manufacturers in the department have repeatedly lowered prices, desperately added heavy raw materials, and some even used all the materials to produce, resulting in poor quality of the pallets; it seems that the price is very low, very cheap, actually There may be severe quality problems that cause the pallet itself to have a very short life.

3. Proportion of heavy raw materials: The heavy raw material tray is a one-time injection molded tray with a proportion of recycled raw materials; it is remarkable that the more the proportion of heavy raw materials, the lower the cost and the lower the price.

4, plastic turnover box weight: very significant 喽, the greater the weight of the tray, the use of more raw materials, the higher the price.

5, tray color: the color of the tray product can be customized according to the needs of customers, just add the corresponding color masterbatch (common blue, black, green, red, etc.)

6. Plastic turnover box structure: the same weight, different structure of the tray, some are injection-molded once, no need for subsequent processing, some trays need to be formed through multiple processes such as welding, the cost is of course higher, the price The industry is not cheap, in addition, there are anti-skid strips, steel pipes, RFID (built-in chips) and other trays, the cost will be significantly improved, and the price will be correspondingly improved.

When purchasing plastic turnover boxes, it is recommended that you find professional plastic turnover box manufacturing enterprises, because the price of plastic turnover box manufacturers is definitely much cheaper than traders, and the after-sales service of plastic turnover box manufacturers is also guaranteed. The price difference of manufacturers of plastic turnover boxes is also relatively large. Some small enterprises, in order to survive, use a large amount of secondary materials to reduce costs, even 100% of the raw material production, on the surface it seems to be much cheaper, actually not cheap.

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