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Design structure of hanging storage bins

DATE:2020-12-11Release:hanging storage bins

  We usually see a variety of general hanging storage bins, do you find that they have some common characteristics. If you compare them together, you will feel that they are all the same, and from a distance, it is as if they are the same product. These similar structures constitute the basic structural framework. These structures are designed for one purpose, that is, to improve the turnover of goods, the efficiency of handling and the improvement of firmness. Every detail is not designed at will, but has its intention in it.

  For the hanging storage bins itself, rounded corners can effectively reduce the probability of damage due to external force impact, because the smooth structure and the impact body contact surface area is large, so the pressure of external force is relatively small, and the force is more uniform, so the probability of damage is small, while the pressure and force on sharp corners are opposite. And for the person carrying the goods, if it is accidentally hit, it will be sharp and easy to hurt people, which is very unsafe, and if the goods hit, it is easy to cause damage to the goods.

  Almost all the hanging storage bins are designed with a handle that can be reached into for manual handling near the mouth of the box, and it feels comfortable to hold it. The relative positions on the box are almost the same. According to the relevant information, it is not designed casually, it is ergonomic, and can make manual handling very comfortable and labor-saving.

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