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Standard for food storage bins

DATE:2020-01-10Release:storage bins

  1. Select the appropriate size of food storage bins. You can choose the right size according to the size and weight of the product you want to hold. It is recommended to buy a sample for trial installation, so that the use effect is more intuitive.

  2. Pay attention to the material of the food storage bins. If the recycled material is used, two consequences may be caused: the toxic and harmful substances in the food storage bins produced by the recycled material exceed the standard, which directly pollutes the food; the performance of the recycled material is worse than that of the new material, which is easy to be damaged by extrusion stacking, thus damaging the food in the box.

  3. Smell. The food storage bins made of recycled materials will have peculiar smell, while the new materials will be non-toxic and tasteless.

  4. Look at the color of the food storage bins. Through observation, we can see whether the color is consistent with the original in a period of time. If not, it means that the quality is relatively poor, otherwise, the quality is better.

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