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Precautions for use of flat storage bins

DATE:2020-03-27Release:storage bins

  1. When using the flat storage bins, we should not be blind. First of all, we should distinguish whether it is toxic or not. Because the quality of the flat storage bins on the market is very different at present, we should carefully distinguish before using it.

  2. Do not pack oil, vinegar and wine in flat storage bins at will. Although the materials are environmentally friendly and convenient to store, if they are used to hold these things, swelling will occur and harmful substances will be produced. Also pay attention to prevent explosion and aging.

  Although the flat storage bins is used, there are many precautions, such as fire protection, high temperature protection, no sun exposure, no rain, no frequent contact with water or oil, etc. But we can't deny its advantages, as long as we pay attention to it when we use it.

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