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The development direction of the container chain supply chain


The turnover chain supply chain management is faced with the complex task of opening up overseas markets to establish a global supply chain and achieving cross-border integration of supply chains after acquisition.

In contrast, the tote box does not allow for the alliance of external resources to improve the quality of its products, and the degree of information sharing with suppliers and channels is also affected by the integration process. For example, after the M&A overseas business, the domestic business and the overseas business belong to two systems management. The core resource demand plan in the supply chain, from the depth of demand understanding, both focus on channel management and supply chain management. Integration and integration. The understanding of the demand for the tote has shifted from the demand response phase to the impact demand and lead demand phase, and the company's order to receive orders through the website and telephone and continuously adjust their production plans according to market changes. The tote box operation process also stays in the fast and accurate passive response phase of demand. Its advantage lies in the smooth design and response process of its information sharing platform and the seamless connection of various links. In the next five years, the learning and sharing of demand information will become the new trend of supply chain management in the turnover box industry, which is also the basic premise for building the demand chain innovation management model. Pursuing time advantage and reducing logistics cost are the core objectives of demand chain management. Logistics reduces costs and speeds up circulation. It is the two basic objectives of logistics management under the demand chain model. The comparison of the turnover of the turnover box is based on the comparison of time and space, that is, whether the time when the customer sends the goods from the time when the order is issued is within the time range expected by the customer, whether the space enterprise has achieved and supplied The chain of business and dealers is interlocking. In this respect, the advantages of turnover container logistics management are obvious, and have been focused on the cost reduction and the establishment of time advantage.

The tote manufacturing base needs to source raw materials and components around the world, resulting in the inevitable accumulation of originals in production. At the same time, in the downstream sales channels, in order to meet the market, a large amount of inventory is required at each point of sale to support sales, resulting in difficulties in inventory and cost reduction.

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