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How to choose a good quality container


The development of plastic turnover boxes in China is rapid, and plastic turnover boxes have become one of the fastest growing industries in the traditional plastics manufacturing industry, and the annual demand for plastic turnover boxes has also increased. The quality of the turnover box is a problem that people are very concerned about. The quality of the turnover box product is strengthened with the continuous advancement of technology. The continuous development of the society makes quality become the focus of attention. Therefore, the choice of plastic crates also requires skill.

1. The plastic turnover box must first look at the color of the product, the product with good quality, bright color, good gloss, poor quality, dull color and insufficient gloss.

2. The plastic turnover box looks at the weight. Under normal circumstances, the same size plastic turnover box products, with the same materials, the plastic turnover box is of course the heavier the better, but this is also a deceptive trap, not a sincere plastic turnover box Manufacturers will add stone powder to the plastic turnover box to increase the weight of the product, but the consequence is that the product is easily broken, which greatly shortens the service life of the plastic turnover box.

3. Multi-handed, the user can press the plastic turnover box product to make it have corresponding deformation. If there is no break, the product quality is relatively good, and the product with poor quality will be damaged if pressed slightly, but if you are There is doubt about the quality of the product you want to buy. Do not stand on the product and test its bearing capacity. Be careful, once it is broken, it will be scratched. Of course, users who want to worry and worry, of course, are looking for some large-scale, reputable plastic turnover box enterprises to buy.

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