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Standardized management of containers


In the process of standardization management of the totes, the original totes have a partial impact on the standards of the totes due to the ownership of different enterprises.

The ownership of the totes is relatively complex, some of which are owned by the production company, some are provided by the component suppliers themselves, and a considerable number of totes are assets purchased by third-party logistics companies.

The issue of ownership ownership creates some obstacles to recycling. Ideally, the totes are managed by a third-party logistics company to form a public system. In view of the current situation, production companies, component suppliers and third-party logistics companies have partial turnover boxes. Therefore, it is necessary to re-plan the management and ownership of the tote. At present, the solution for most enterprises is mainly to gradually replace the turnover boxes of component suppliers and vehicle manufacturers with the turnover boxes of third-party logistics enterprises. Or the third-party logistics company acquires the existing turnover box of the component supplier or the automobile production enterprise, and classifies it into its own management system, and then provides it to the enterprise by way of rent.

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