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Purpose and function of assembly part box

DATE:2021-09-24Release:assembly part box

  Special attention shall be paid to the use and function of the assembly part box in production, so as to analyze which are necessary functions, which are unnecessary functions, which are redundant functions, etc. On this basis, the assembly part box procurement department investigates in detail the number of materials with these functions in the market and the extent to which these materials meet the necessary functions, and then comprehensively considers the price and cost of these materials, so as to obtain the materials that can meet the necessary functions at less cost and ensure that the enterprise makes correct decisions.

  The effective value coefficient method of assembly part box purchase enterprises need to obtain materials with certain functions. There may be many kinds of materials that meet the functions required by enterprises in the market. The degree of these materials meeting the functional requirements of enterprises is often different, and the cost is also different. In this case, according to the principle of value engineering of assembly part box, enterprises can not simply pursue good functions or simply look at which materials have low prices, but should comprehensively consider the ratio of function and cost, that is, evaluate and select the best with value coefficient. The steps of purchasing materials by value coefficient method formulate the evaluation index system and scoring method of the materials to be purchased, score according to the satisfaction of various candidate materials to the evaluation index, and then calculate their functional importance coefficient.

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assembly part box

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