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How to extend the life of plastic containers

DATE:2019-11-15Release:plastic containers

As one of the important tools for packaging, warehousing and logistics, plastic turnover boxes have played a major role. The plastic turnover box is a kind of logistics container widely used in machinery, automobile, electronics, light industry, fresh and other industries, and is suitable for transportation, distribution, storage, circulation processing and other aspects.
How to extend the service life of plastic turnover box? It is closely related to the following factors. Let us briefly understand the following.
1. Environmental factors. Plastic containers should be used in a closed environment, such as workshops, warehouses, supermarkets, etc., to avoid storage in the open air, as far as possible in the sun, wind, rain, because of these circumstances, will reduce the plastic box Years of use.
2. Human factors. In the actual use process, do not cherish the plastic box, littering, chaos, or violence, will shorten the service life of the plastic turnover box.
3. Quality factors. If the quality of the purchased plastic crates is not enough, the length of use will naturally be shortened. The quality here mainly refers to the two aspects of materials and structure. For example, whether the box is made of new PP material, and the design structure is reasonable. Unreasonable structural design has a great impact on load bearing. Once there is a quality problem, the service life cannot be guaranteed.
4. How to use it. Improper use can also reduce the life of plastic crates. For example, a plastic turnover box that can only put 10kg weight, you have to put 30kg weight, then there may not be any problem twice, and it will shorten the service life in the long run. Plastic crates are not as long-term as overloaded as people.

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