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Production process and process of plastic containers

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The plastic turnover box has the same characteristics of corrosion resistance, safety and hygiene, and long service life. It can replace wooden boxes, cartons and other transportation packaging containers, and is widely used in the food and beverage industry. It is usually made in two ways. The following is the production process and process of Qingdao Ruoxian Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to share the plastic turnover box.
1. Hot extrusion cold forming:
The raw materials for making plastic turnover boxes are mainly plastic materials such as high density polyethylene, copolymerized polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride. The plastic turnover box is produced by hot extrusion cold pressing method, with low equipment investment, low energy consumption, simple structure and low technical requirements, but the production efficiency is low, the surface of the product is rough, the mechanical performance is poor, and the actual production is used less.
The process is as follows: resin ingredients - "dyeing - "melt extrusion -" storage tank insulation - "die casting -" finishing.
2. Injection molding:
Plastic crates are similar to plastic pallets. Some people call this process injection molding. Injection molding is suitable for the molding of various thermoplastics and some thermoset plastics. The powdered or granular plastic is sent from the hopper of the injection machine to the barrel for heating, the plastic is melted, reaches a flowing state and has good plasticity, and then the temperature is injected through the nozzle at the front end of the barrel by the plunger (or screw). In the lower cavity, after cooling and setting, the mold is opened to obtain a plastic product.
The process is as follows: Adding material - "heating plasticization -" injection - "setting" - "release."
At present, the most used injection molding machine is a horizontal moving screw type injection molding machine. The investment in injection molding equipment is large, the mold structure is complex, and the processing cost is high, which is suitable for mass production.

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white plastic containers

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