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How to choose a plastic containers

DATE:2019-11-15Release:plastic containers

Plastic turnover boxes have gradually become the primary choice for modern logistics and warehousing. They are widely used in transportation, distribution, storage, distribution and processing in factory logistics. How to choose a suitable plastic turnover box according to the needs of enterprises?
First of all, we must understand the material of the plastic turnover box. The general material is polyethylene and co-polypropylene. The quality of the plastic can be judged according to the color of the product. The quality of the product is good, the color is bright, the gloss is good, and the quality is not good. Often, the color is dull and the gloss is not enough.
Secondly, according to their own needs, the type of plastic turnover box can be selected. According to the structure of the turnover box, it can be divided into a stackable turnover box, a plug-in turnover box, a folding turnover box, etc. Different turnover boxes have their own use characteristics. For example, the plug-in totes can be inserted into each other when the empty boxes are stored, which greatly reduces the inventory space and improves the space utilization of the warehouse.
At the end, you can press the plastic turnover box to make it partially deformed. The reliable quality of the turnover box will generally not be damaged. The product with poor quality will be damaged if pressed slightly.
Through the above points, the customer should have an understanding of the quality of the totes. As the social demand increases, the types of turnover boxes continue to increase. Customers still have to shop around when they choose. For example, they are also pluggable containers. The straight insertion box is superior to the oblique insertion box in that it overcomes the disadvantage of the large outer space of the oblique insertion box, and the wall of the box is thicker than the inclined insertion box.

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