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What are the advantages of the shelf bins?

DATE:2019-11-15Release:shelf bins

Logistics boxes are extremely common in life, whether they are seen in large cities or in rural areas, such as beverages and fruit packaging. The reason why the logistics box is so widely used is mainly because of the following unique advantages:
1. Good mechanical properties: The special structure of the logistics box logistics box makes it have excellent mechanical properties such as good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, cushioning shockproof, high hardness and good bending performance.
2, quality and light materials; plastic turnover box with good mechanical properties, to achieve the same effect compared to the same year, the use of plastic hollow board with less consumables, low cost and light weight.
3, heat insulation, sound insulation: due to the hollow structure of the plastic turnover box, its heat transfer, sound transmission effect is significantly lower than the solid plate, with good insulation, sound insulation effect.
4, anti-static, conductive, flame retardant; using modified, mixed, surface spray and other methods can make plastic hollow board with anti-static, conductive, or flame retardant properties.
5, stable chemical properties: plastic turnover box can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-insect, fumigation and cardboard and wood board has obvious advantages.
6, the surface is smooth and beautiful, the color is complete: due to the special molding process of the plastic turnover box, the color can be achieved by the color masterbatch, and the surface is smooth and easy to print.
7. The environmental protection effect is obvious: the plastic turnover box has the characteristics of no poison, no pollution, etc., and the disposal is simple, and it will not pollute the environment. Waste can also be reused to make other plastic products.

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