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Year-end plastic containers transportation and distribution is getting busy

DATE:2019-11-15Release:plastic containers

It is almost the end of the year, the year is approaching, and the supply of plastic turnover basket enterprises is becoming increasingly busy and tense. What is the reason? It is understood that the Spring Festival is approaching, many logistics companies intend to gradually reduce orders. Some logistics company employees may start to return home, which will result in the lack of manpower in the near future, which will inevitably affect the distribution and transportation of goods. This will inevitably increase the burden on the company's own transportation vehicles. In order to deliver the products to the urgently needed customers as soon as possible, the company's transportation vehicles are very busy in the near future. In order to deliver the product to the customer early, the company has already prepared all the preparations.
There are also some companies that intend to complete the ordering task of plastic turnover baskets before the year, so that they can be put into use immediately after coming up. Therefore, some customers are more anxious to get goods. This is a reasonable thing, the workers will go home at the end of the year. Chinese New Year, you can put it into use after the end of the year. Many long-distance transport orders, some logistics companies have begun to stop orders in advance. For example, remote areas such as Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Liaoning, and Jilin began to be shut down. The number of trucks available has also become less and less, and the company's own transportation vehicles for distributing plastic turnover baskets have become more and more urgent and busy.
In order to meet the needs of customers as much as possible, the urgent need for the company's close proximity to Qingdao at the end of the year. Organize human and material resources to do a good job at the end of the year, do a good job in the year-end plastic turnover basket transportation and distribution work, and strive to leave a good impression to customers. The number of trucks that can be rented has been decreasing in recent days, which has led to an increase in freight rates, and on the other hand, it has been possible to delay the delivery of plastic turnover baskets. This is very bad for users who are in urgent need of plastic turnover baskets. Therefore, it is a tough problem for many plastic turnover basket enterprises to rent a car every year. Fortunately, the company is equipped with its own transportation vehicles. Delivery around Qingdao is not affected at all, as usual.
If the customer who is far away from the company plans to go to the company to order the plastic turnover basket before the year, it is best to make arrangements in advance. At present, the company still has some stock. If the order quantity is particularly large, we must contact us so that we can contact us. We will make production arrangements early, and we can organize delivery and transportation immediately after production. If it is really unable to catch up, you can also order before the year, we will organize production and delivery immediately after the end of the year, so that you can avoid the transportation link can not keep up and delay the use.
The annual year-end plastic turnover basket transportation and distribution is becoming more and more busy, and this year is no exception. We will do our best to do the product transportation and distribution work at the end of the year.

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