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Talking about the plastic containers for quality inspection

DATE:2019-11-15Release:plastic containers

Plastic turnover boxes are a relatively common logistics container, most of which are selected for their high impact strength HDPE (high density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) injection materials. Plastic totes are widely used to facilitate part turnover, cleanliness and ease of management. So, when we buy plastic containers, how do we test its quality?
1, plastic turnover box vibration performance test needs. The so-called vibration performance test refers to the limitation of the stacking layer of the plastic turnover box under a specific load placed on the vibration table for 60 minutes. The test is a continuous vibration that affects the transport of plastic crates during the simulation. Shock-resistant plastic crates, its life is short-lived, with less turnover, and received damage, the material of the plastic crates will be loaded in the morning. Of course the cargo is not new material and steel manufacturing number
2, plastic turnover box stacking strength test needs. Put the plastic turnover box to some load and load, and then calculate the height change of the plastic turnover box. This test is mainly to test the ability of the plastic container in the warehouse to withstand the stacking. This key is related to the reinforcement of the crates.
3. Under certain load conditions, raise the plastic turnover box for ten minutes or longer. If you see deformation or damage, this manual treatment is the main simulation time. When the hand is removed, it will be damaged. If it is found to be wrong, it may damage the cargo fall.

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small plastic containers

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