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Flour mill plastic pallets application case

Purchase product name: plastic tray Model: RX36 -1210 nine-legged grid plastic tray Purchase time: 2017 Industry: Catering

At present, there are two general methods for loading and unloading goods in the flour industry warehouse. The first one is the traditional "conveyor belt" form. This type of equipment is low in cost but can only achieve "semi-mechanization". It also requires many porters in the conveyor belt. It is more reasonable to choose the handling method for smaller flours. The second type is forklifts and plastic pallets. This type of equipment was launched around 2005. By 2010, large flour mills have become popular.

There are two devices that play a key role in this process. One is the forklift and the other is the pallet. The pallets are made of wood, iron (or steel) and plastic. Compared to wood, the wood is cheaper but has a shorter life. Very unsanitary, the general enterprise can use the transition at the beginning, and it is not recommended in the later stage. Iron or plastic is generally used in the later stage. The price of the iron tray is slightly higher than that of the plastic, and the service life is long. However, the long-term use of the outer protective paint is easy to rust after falling off. For example, when the warehouse is in stock for a long time, the flour on the lower layer will be How much is affected by the point, especially the wet weather of rain has an effect on the flour close to the iron tray; the price of the plastic tray is slightly cheaper than that of the iron tray, and the service life is not as good as that of the iron tray (usually used for three to five years). The main advantage is safety and hygiene. Aesthetic standards have no effect on flour.

In general, large-scale flour enterprises, enterprises that require strict quality of flour will use plastic pallets (the country also requires plastic pallets for food industry certification), general enterprises can choose iron or plastic, and companies that are just starting to choose Transition of wood

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flour mill plastic pallets

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