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Anti-static container application case

Purchase product name: turnover box Model: Universal type turnover basket Purchase time: 2017 Industry: Catering

As we all know, electronic products often produce more or less small quantities of electrons in the production process, and these electrons are turned around with the product. When these small amounts of electrons are piled up, they will cause electrons to the electronic products. Loss of capacitance or damage to the accuracy of electronic equipment, so it is necessary to avoid the static electricity generated by these electronic products during the turnaround process, thereby improving the quality of electronic products.

For the solution to this type of problem, Qingdao Ruoxian Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has long been a good solution. Taking the No. 12 plastic turnover box of Qingdao Ruoxian Automation Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, the raw materials used are made of HDPE with anti-static function, which is suitable for loading various electronic and electronic equipment products. Applicable to all kinds of warehouses, production sites and other occasions, in the near future, logistics management is increasingly valued by the majority of enterprises, the turnover box helps to complete the generalization and integrated management of logistics containers, is a necessity for modern logistics management of production and distribution enterprises.

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anti-static container

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